MG 620 Term Project   and Grading Rubrics                       Winter 2016that

MG 620 Term Project   and Grading Rubrics                       Winter 2016that can be measured by US GDP. In theory, it is argued that as the average annual income increases, consumers will be inclined to make more purchases. So, the relationship between pet sales and average income is expected to be positive. . Does the data provide evidence of the theoretical relationship between Sales (Y) and income( X). Details on the expected relationship will be covered in chapter 13 in the course.; defining your goal or objective of your study or to define your variable of interest: STATE YOUR HYPOTHESIS.Is the explanatory variable significant at the ? That is, what is the the regression equation and graphically show the regression line- this is important so think carefully and write.Stage IV: APA format and errors free …………………………………………( 5%)TOTAL                                                                                                   100%Format:1.  Introduction-     Background material to your topic (the industry)-     The scope of your research ( what aspect of the industry are you focusing on)-     State the overall purpose of your research ( to evaluate, to examine whether a relationship exists)-     Your main findings (offer an analysis); make recommendations, etc.2.  Body3.  Summary4.  Conclusion (main findings)5.  References6.  APA:a)   Double linesb)   APA style                                                                       c)   Times Numeral Fontd)   Errors free