SSIGNMENT INFORMATION Due DateSunday, February 10, 201911:59 PMPoints Possibl

Due DateSunday, February 10, 201911:59 PMPoints Possible100At the end of this semester, you will have final research paper due.  The attached document tells you about that assignment.This week’s assignment is NOT A RESEARCH PAPER.  This week, you are going to do some research for that final paper and submit to me only a reference sheet for the references you hope to use.  This will allow me to review your research to see if it makes sense and if the references are high quality enough for your final research paper.  Your reference sheet should be in APA format.  Your paper is not due with this assignment, this is only a list of references you plan to use for your research paper.  You will lose points for not following directions, if you submit the entire paper.
Research Paper for ISOL632_Updated219.pdf
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