Write 2 page essay on the topic Improvements for Aaron’s Situation.This ability

Write 2 page essay on the topic Improvements for Aaron’s Situation.This ability will allow him to integrate more and more with other children as he progresses. In addition, Aaron has high awareness of his surroundings and is able to adapt quickly and manipulate the environment around him. Finally, Aaron’s IQ level is above average, which shows that his ability to learn and comprehend is strong. Used in conjunction with his communication skills and ability to adapt to the environment around him, Aaron could step to the forefront of his class as a leader both academically and socially if he were able to overcome his personal auctions. Some of the challenging behaviors that present obstacles for Aaron’s progress are the fact that he vandalizes property, runs away from home and school, and exhibits violence at school. Aaron’s tendency to vandalize property may be an attempt to control his surroundings, responding to negativity by breaking something to alleviate rage and make a point. His unannounced attempts to leave home and school show that these places cause stress for him and running away is one of his coping mechanisms. Finally, Aaron’s tendency to demonstrate violence at school shows his lack of respect for personal boundaries and his attempts to defend himself against his insecurities by resorting to violence. All of these behaviors are challenging for authority figures because they present obstacles for Aaron’s education and the education of those around him. These behaviors also compromise the safety of Aaron and those he comes in contact with. Some of the causes that may have contributed to Aaron’s negative behavior is the instability he has experienced at home and school. The imprisonment of his father has left him without a father figure to look up to and provide guidance. This also left a sense of structure and discipline out of Aaron’s life.&nbsp.