Write a 3 page essay on Critical Thinking & Ethics.Abortion is accepted in some

Write a 3 page essay on Critical Thinking & Ethics.Abortion is accepted in some countries and societies and in others it is against the law. However, in some cases abortion is allowed. Such cases where abortion may be allowed include cases where the pregnancy has to be terminated for the sake of the mother’s health.Today, the debate of whether abortion is ethical or unethical is very intense. Some people believe that a woman has the right to choose whether she is going to have an abortion or not since it is her who carries the pregnancy (Carter, p.43). However, most people feel that abortion is totally unacceptable, and it is never an option for any pregnant woman. They completely oppose abortion arguing that it has become a solution for careless sexual behavior especially among the young people. Such people opt for abortion because they are afraid of facing the outcomes of reckless sexual behaviors including pregnancy. In their view, abortion is totally unethical and immoral since it involves killing a living child and not some biological ‘thing’. Women who decide to have an abortion are at risk of developing breast and cervical cancers or even death as a result of the abortion process. These women are also more likely to have more abortions in future (Tribe, p.23)Abortion is not illegal in most developed nations. However, people still view abortion as an immoral act which is totally unacceptable. The fact that abortion is not illegal in such countries has in some cases led to abortions because of the sex of the baby. Some of the countries that have legalized abortion do not view it as being unethical. Such countries use abortion as a way of regulating population size, regulating certain groups of people in a population or as a way of improving the population. Such countries have continued to be criticized from many parts of the world for being unethical because of allowing abortion. Critics argue that these countries should promote the use of contraceptive instead of ending the lives