case study is toyota acquire daihatsuFROM: MOHAMAD SAFIAI BIN SAAD- LECTURER IN

case study is toyota acquire daihatsuFROM: MOHAMAD SAFIAI BIN SAAD- LECTURER IN GFMA 3113TO      : STUDENT OF INTERNATIONAL MERGER AND ACQUISITIONINSTRUCTION FOR GROUP ASSIGNMENT————————————————————————————————————————————GROUP ASSIGNMENT ( read it carefully)REPORT                      (20%)PRESENTATION         (5%)A. toyota acquire daihatsuThe assignment must be submitted in type written, Microsoft Word is the preferred word processing program.The length of the project paper should be around 30-35 pages excluding pictures and diagram. You need to submit the group report including the list of group meeting attendance on 6th April 2016 You need to give excellent comments with positive suggestion which is present or absent in the company.B. Introduce the companies which involved in this merger and acquisition with the following informationI)  Describe the Industry structureii)  Management, and Board of Directorsiii) Corporate mission and visioniv) Location of the companyB. Among the perspective you need to identify in the company but not limited to be as follows.1. What is the company corporate strategy?2. Reasons or motives for the merger and acquisition.3. What is the Deal structure?4. Strategies and defensive maneuvers in M&A by the acquired firm. (If any)5. Is there value creation in this M&A?6. How does the acquirer organize the acquisition?7. Corporate Governance and performance of the new company8. Post acquisition integration9. Does the merger and acquisition achieved its objective? Success or failure. Give reasons10. Past, Present and Future Challenges face by the new firmGOODLUCK FOR YOUR GROUP ASSIGNMENT