Write a 2 page essay on Review and Insights.Additionally, both sides must be con

Write a 2 page essay on Review and Insights.Additionally, both sides must be contrasted, or shown what is different about each position, in the essay. Argumentative essays are another subject altogether. When you revise your argumentative essay, Kirszner (1999) recommends that you should keep at least some of the following questions in mind:The same could be applied to persuasive essays. It is of utmost significance in a persuasive essay, above all, to make a well-formed and logical argument. The writer’s position does not necessarily matter so much, as much as does the attitude of the writer and the evidence that the writer has to support his or her assertions. A passionate persuasive argument is part of the persuasive essay, but the essay will not reach its intended purpose without the proper evidentiary support. In that regard, it is much like the argumentative essay, but slightly different in that the attitude of the writer must convince the reader based largely on an emotional appeal as well.A well-written case study is one in which the writer is in the position to analyze and manage an imaginary real-life situation. The case study’s purpose is to give the analyst experience in how he or she would approach a particular problem and solve it in a potential actual setting. The exemplar case study is one which: first, gives the details and background about the case. second, provides scenarios as to what is the desired outcome or potential outcomes of the case study. and thirdly, discusses why the solution(s) given to the problem is/are the best, and why one recommendation was chosen over the other for the problem.There are certain tips that can be followed in order to ensure success in writing quality research papers and essays. James Foley (2001) mentions a few useful things he had his students do in order to get involved in the process of researching papers. adequate preparation for completing research required a