I will pay for the following essay Digital advertising: A new form of advertisin

I will pay for the following essay Digital advertising: A new form of advertising. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The digital advertising and traditional advertising are also compared with one another. An internet ad is compared with a digital ad in order to know the differences. In the end, a conclusion is given that summarizes the essay.Advertising plays a crucial part in persuading consumers towards purchasing a product. Advertising is regarded as a type of communication or correspondence relationship that develops between the producer, product and consumer by means of the advertisement (Hackley, 2005). Digital advertising is a new form of advertising if we compare it with the traditional form of advertising. Traditional advertising is the advertising that is done not by means of any digital media but by means of print media such as billboard advertisements, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, flyers and many other forms. With the advent of internet and innovation in digital technology, all the mediums of digital age are employed for different uses. Digital advertising is done through digital interactive television, internet protocol television (IPTV), internet, mobile phones and other digital media (Ducoffe, 1996).Companies spend a lot of money on creating traditional advertisements. On the other hand, digital advertisements are cost-effective and very cheap (Berthon, et. al, 1996). Traditional marketing is defined as a form of marketing, in which the product, service or brand is advertised in order to inform people about it and the marketers seek for potential customers. Digital marketing is a form of marketing in which, not the marketers but the potential customers themselves seek for the advertisements (Minh Hou Poh, 2007).With digital advertising, the field of advertising is much more persuasive and cost-effective (Anuar, 1999). Digital advertising is considered as affecting the overall field of advertising to a great extent because of its efficacy