Can this question assigned to AKDHIMAN to make 3 to 4 sentences’ comment about t

Can this question assigned to AKDHIMAN to make 3 to 4 sentences’ comment about the following post. Please use the theory from the article above attached to comment. The biggest impact of third industrial revolution in agricultural equipment manufacturing value chain in the coming years will be heavy investment in R & D section of the production. It will shift focus from cost management to innovation and product differentiation. Technology already changed how humans operate machines, recycle waste products, save on energy, track electronic devises and perform tasks in unusual ways. John Deer, one of the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer, for example, have shifted focus to providing integrated solutions in the areas of machine optimization, logistics by connecting equipment, owners, operators and dealers through user friendly monitors, sensors and wireless networks. The cost of innovation has a direct impact on marketing, sales and service section in the value chain. Without sales and growing market share, the cost for R & D will not be justified; therefore it will be crucial for manufactures to understand their market, educate potential customers and provide good quality support and service. Logistics is another area which provides efficiency and is very important to the customer. Adjusting shipping process in order to make sure product is delivered in the timely manner without damages can be improved with implantation of the new technology. After all, farmers are the most important customers for equipment manufacturers and the value chain of farming business is just as important as a value chain of manufacturer.