Q-1 Anna is a young ambitious programmer working for a small company developing

Q-1 Anna is a young ambitious programmer working for a small company developing software for web based services in the health area, with a focus on support to remote aboriginal communities. To further her career Anna undertakes additional tertiary study, with support from her manager, Brian. This study includes topics covering computer ethics, and issues relating to the impact of ICT on different communities. On her current project, Anna develops a new user interface, which has a strong focus on accessibility for remote communities, especially considering the type of technology likely to be used. She also pays special attention to the use of cultural images in the interface, to avoid those which may be distressing or offensive to aboriginal users. The new system is a great success and Anna’s contribution is recognised by her company, through an Employee of the Month Award. The company also receives a national business award for its contribution to the positive use of ICT in aboriginal communities. Brian takes all of the credit for this, and Anna receives no acknowledgement for her efforts.I WANT ALL ANSWER POINT WISE LIKE Q-1,Q-2……ETC SO ITS TOTAL 8 QUESTIONQ-2 Andrew, a highly qualified and experienced software developer, has just started work with a government health department on a project that has been underway for about 9 months. He is replacing a novice developer who has decided to move on to a new project with another organisation. Even though the current system is incomplete, it has is being used with ‘live’ data. On analysing what’s been done so far, Andrew discovers that the system is poorly designed and is riddled with bugs due to the former developer’s lack of expertise, and that the choice of technologies are incompatible with the department’s infrastructure, leading to corruptions and loss of financial data on a daily basis. In fact, much of Andrew’s time is initially spent unsuccessfully attempting to recover corrupted data. His vast experience leads him to the conclusion that the system is so unstable that it will eventually corrupt beyond repair and that all its data will become unrecoverable. He therefore advises the supervisor of his findings and recommends that the system be redeveloped using appropriate technologies and quality control measures. He indicates that the entire redevelopment effort will take less than 6 weeks. The supervisor rejects Andrew’s recommendation, stating that their IT Department will not agree to a change in technology, and directs Andrew to complete the project using the existing technologies. What should Andrew do?I WANT ALL ANSWER POINT WISE LIKE Q-1,Q-2……ETC SO ITS TOTAL 8 QUESTIONYour answer should includeQ1. What’s going on? (2 marks)Q2. What are the facts? (2 marks)Q3. What are the issues (non-ethical)? (2 marks)Q4. Who is affected? (2 marks)Q5. What are the ethical issues and implications? (3 marks)Q6. What can be done about it? (3 marks)Q7. What are the options? (3 marks)Q8. Which option is best – and why? (3 marks)