Write a 23 page essay on Climate Change Displacing People and Animals.Studies th

Write a 23 page essay on Climate Change Displacing People and Animals.Studies that were previously conducted posit to the effect that the phenomenon of climate change can be mainly attributed to the activities of a human kind which immensely contribute to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. There remains confusion with regards to universal policies that can be implemented in order to check that the activities of men are under control such that they do not wantonly continue damaging the climate (Makombe 1993). It can thus be noted that the issues of climate change have become topical in many societies during the contemporary period, but there is need to generate more knowledge about the major effects and causes of climate changes such as global warming.A holistic approach has to be taken in an attempt to combat this threat to the climate. In essence, there is a need to recognize that conservation of the environment and development are both necessary to human life and are also interdependent. It can be seen from this argument that conservation of the environment cannot ignore the needs of the human beings while development projects by human beings that ignore the limits of the environment will be doomed (Gore 2006). There is a need to create a fine balance between the activities of human beings and the need to maintain a safe environment. Such a holistic approach may be difficult to attain but it is necessary as far as minimizing the negative impacts of human activities on climate are concerned.This paper, therefore, seeks to critically analyze the concept of climate change and its impact on the welfare of the people. The paper will begin by reviewing the drafted literature that is related to the topic area. The bulk of the reviewed literature will be centered on the concept of global warming which is central to the phenomenon of climate change.&nbsp.