Peer-Reviewed Journal SummaryPlease view the Assignment Instructions.Please read

Peer-Reviewed Journal SummaryPlease view the Assignment Instructions.Please read through these instructions for help in completing the peer-reviewed journal assignment due Wednesday, April 24th Peer- Reviewed Psychology Journal Article Review Assignment          The goal of this journal article review paper is to familiarize you with scholarly research in psychology and how research studies are conducted and described.  This paper must be based on your reading of an original research paper from a peer-reviewed psychology journal in the past 5 years. You may choose any topic that interests you from Psychology. In your summary please use the sample I will provide as a model.(Your paper may be slightly longer, the target is between 1-2 pages)  In your summary section please also include this information :A.   What is the hypothesis of this study? (A hypothesis makes a specific prediction)B.   Summarize the background information (why was this study done?)C.   Describe the methods and subjects used.1.     Identify which research method was used (i.e naturalistic or laboratory observation, case study, survey, psychological test, or experimental research(if experimental identify the independent and dependent variables and the control and experimental groups)2.     Please describe what the authors did, describe the method here3.     In your own words explain what the results were. (not the conclusions, but what was the raw data obtained?  If the statistics are too confusing try to get the feel for what the statistics are showing)4.     What was the conclusion of the study?  Did it support or refute the hypothesis?At the end of your paper please provide the journal article as a reference in APA style